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iPad 4 Data Recovery - How to Recover Deleted Data from iPad 4 Device?

As we all know, the iPad is not only a mobile phone but also a compact computer. It is thought as a device that is united mobile phone and computer. What a amazing gadget to enjoy both advanced technologies together!

You can not only listen to the music you collecteds, watch movies you are interested in, but also make video calls for your families or friends abroad, since now it's works like computers and mobile phones. What's more important is that you can carry it all around which means at the same time, you can carry your business data and entertainment bit around with you all of the time anywhere as you like. Now when we talk about storing data, there is also a chance of losing data. No matter how fast information technology develops, there is always a chance that you could lose your personal or business data no matter due to disaster and accident.

ipad data recovery

People often accidently delete data without even thinking a second. This often leaves us in testy waters, especially when you did not intend deleting important personal or business data. You probably had a very rare movie or music video downloaded courtesy a friend and if you happen to accidently delete it, you feel like you’ve lost your soul. Data loss is something that no one looks forward to. However if you happen to suffer from such situations then there is absolutely no need to worry.

As long as technology develops, you can now recover deleted iPad photos , also recover deleted iPad contacts, videos, music files, etc with the iPad data recovery software. Here I recommended you one outstanding.

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is an excellent high end iPad data recovery tool, with an equally great interface that is simple-designed and easy to use. Data recovery for iPad can be done in jiffy, which means no wasting time at all, which you would have if taken it to Apple store's specialists who would have also charged you for doing something the iPad data recovery software is a pro at. This professional recovery software enables you to recover data like photos, videos, music files and so on you accident deleted or lost due to factory restore from iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3 and iPad 2 with a few mouse clicks.

How to recover iPad Data from iTunes backup by using iPad 4 Data Recovery Software?
Step 1: Scan the backup for your iPad on your Computer
Download the iPad 2 data recovery program from it's official website ( and launch it. Choose the backup file with your device name.
iPad Data Recovery step 1

Step 2: Choose the files you want to get back and start recovery
It allows you to preview the entire list of the files. Choose the category of Photos, Videos, Music and recover them.
iPad Data Recovery step 2

Step 3: Set a target folder to save your recovered files
You can choose anywhere for your files on your computer.
iPad Data Recovery step 3

Here I recommended you a short video shot on Youtube for you.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

FLV Recovery - How to Recover Deleted FLV Files on My Computer?

Hi everyone, I have deleted some flv files on my Mac computer. I didn't meat to deleted them permanently! Is there any way I can recover deleted flv files back to my PC?

Nowaday, video is one of the most important media tool for entertainment and to share information. Among all the video files used, the most prevalent is Flash Video files. FLV (Flash Video files) are being used largely over the Internet to watch videos online. When these video files get corrupted due to system failure, fault in storage media, virus infection, or user’s mistake leads to deletion of the files. So, to get back the flash videos, you need to use FLV Recovery Software which is the most appropriate option. The reason for the loss can be accidental deletion, wrong drive formating, and system problems etc. But when the videos are deleted no need to worry at all. It can be recovered under the help with FLV Recovery Software. Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional is one of the famous. It is included with remarkable features that allow you to regain complete videos. It supports many video file formats such as MOV, MPEG, MP3, WAV along with FLV video files. You can get it from
More powerful features of this FLV recovery software:
* Supports deleted files recovery from mobile phone, digital cameras, USB flash drive, external hard drive and also computer itself
* Makes use of special algorithms to search for the flv files that you deleted or lost and consequently recovers them.
* Ensures complete and safe flv file recovery
* Friendly Interface helps in better and quick usage

The above features states that the FLV Recovery Software is competent enough to recover the flash videos effectively and instantly by clicking on only few options and your videos get recovered and restored on to your system.

How to perform Flv file recovery on computer?
1. Download and install the FLV Recovery Software
2. Open the application to recover FLV files
3. Click on the "Scan" tab to search for the FLV video files
4. After the scanning process is completed, all your lost or deleted FLV videos will be in front of your eyes. Select the ones you want to get back.
5. Then click on "Recover" which begins the data recovery process.
6. Finally, click "Save" to get them back to your PC. And then you can check whether your videos are in good condition.

Now, you have learned how to recover FLV files after you lost or deleted them. Hope this helps a bit!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tell You A Trick to Recover Deleted Files after Emptied Trash on Mac

How can I recover trash files deleted from my computer?
I emptied out the trash, then realized there was something I threw away that I actually needed. Where does it go and can I recover my files after deleted from trash? I have a Mac OS X 10.7. I don't know what other information would be useful.

You must think it is impossible to recover files deleted from trash and will just stay panic about your fault. But the real answer is - You CAN restore trash deleted files right from the computer.

Once I deleted a bunch of files into trash bin and then erased them completely. In essence the files were gone. I was able to get alot of them back using some kind of trash recovery software. I scanned my iMac and recovered everything it found.

The truth is - there are common things between Mac OS X and Windows OS. To be sure wiping Mac trash can be like emptying Windows recycle trash can, and Command Delete under OS X is comparable to Shift Delete under House windows. But both methods won't remove deleted documents permanently, at least for a significant moment. When you carelessly created similar instructions, ONLY removed files are marked as "deleted" (express) by the particular index associated with file system (HFS+ together with Mac Operating system X Panthera leo) but the actual data remain kept one hundred persences intact directly on the hard disk drive of Macintosh OS X based on computer.

So, how to recover deleted files adter emptied trash on a Mac computer?
The very first thing that you should do - Immediately quit saving, deleting or even adding any new data on the computer once you have wiped out the trash.
Trash recovery software helps to accomplish deleted file recovery do-it-yourself within minutes and safely. It can not only recover trash data, but it's also capable to restore trash files lost on a Mac machine due to file deletion by "Command+Delete" command, hard drive formatting, partition loss, memory card error, HFS or HFS+ file system corruption, computer virus attack and so on.

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac is a easy to use deleted file recovery application for all Mac users. It can recover almost all types of files including photos, videos, documents, audio files from a Mac machine and some other portable storage devices like external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card of your mobile phone, digital camera and music players and so on! It works well on the latest Mac OS X 10.8 (Moutain Lion) and Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6,10.5 and 10.4. You can download it from

More features of this deleted file recovery software:
SD Card Recovery - Recover photos from SD card and any types of memory card including SDHC card, CF card, XD card, micro SD card and memory stick, etc.
Pen Drive Data Recovery - Recover files from pen drive after accident deletion or formatting
External Hard Drive Recovery - Recover data from external hard drive that is corrupted, damages or not recognized
Hard Drive Data Recovery - Recover data from crashed hard drive on your computer
Raw Recovery - Recover data from Raw USB drive, hard drive

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

iPhone 4S Photo Recovery - Get Your Lost Photos on iPhone 4S Back with Ease

iPhone 4s has been widely used as a camera to hold a lot wonderful moments of our life. But there come problems. Many users have been annoyed with pictures on their iPhone 4s been mistakenly deleted or missing somehow. Those iPhone camera roll photos are always memorable. It would be a great loss of missing them for good.

As we all know, iTunes is a smart tool for backuping ir restoring deleted or lost iPhone data. But since each time you sync your iPhone 4s with iTunes on your computer, the iTunes backup file will be automatically generated, it is hard to recover photos from iPhone.

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is a great and professional iPhone 4s photo recovery tool for you to recover iPhone photos you deleted or lost even your phone is broken or stolen. It takes a good advantage of the iTunes backup file of your iPhone. By using this software, you can recover deleted or lost photos on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3g camera roll and save them to your computer safely and easily. What's more, it even enables you to recover iPad and iPod Touch data you have lost or deleted. Get it from

Features for this iPhone 4s photo recovery software:

1. A reliable software to recover both deleted and lost photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.
2. Extract the content on iTunes backup files quickly and save them back to your computer easily.
3. Totally customizable to choose whatever you want to recover and preview your stuff before recovery.

Look at this easy tutorial for how to retrieve lost photos on iPhone 4s.
Step 1. Connect your phone with computer, and run the recovery software without openning iTunes or connecting it.
Step 2. Select your device name then click "Start Scan" to find all yoru content on the iTunes backup file.
Step 3. When the scanning is over, files will be extracted from the iTunes backup file and displayed in categories including photos, videos, contacts, sms, call history and so on. You could choose the files you want to get back and then click "Recover" to move on. Whatever files you want to recover is all up to you. It’s simple enough.
Step 4. At last, you need to set a target path to "Save" all yoru recovered stuff in the pop up window.

It's strongly recommend that you'd better keep a good habit of backup iPhone data on your computer, so that you can get them back at any time if you need.

Read More about iPhone 4s Photo Recovery:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Memory Card Data Recovery is Needed after Photo Loss or Deletion

You might receive mistake messages as soon as you connect your memory greeting card to your Mac, which means it might be corrupted and even damaged. Once your computer reminds someone who your digital camera "Card is not formatted, would you like to format this now?", you skill is to never format the actual sd charge card when you have many pictures which you never desire to lose.

Pressing "YES" in order to format the particular sd credit card would create your complete beautiful pictures disappear as well as recovering misplaced data would certainly become a hardcore job. Below this situation, you must perform the recovery: Card Data Recovery is your best choice! - "Photo Recovery" module to get photos again.

Once your personal digital digicam storage credit card was broken, it is also very more likely to rescue almost all data inside it. Card Data Recovery program would bypass the authentic file plan on this memory bank card and retrieves this sector info of credit card using weighty scan restoration function.

This kind of memory card data recovery tool provides two versions:
One: Card Data Recovery for Windows
Two: Card Data Recovery for Mac

In most cases, no appear causes regarding data lowering, there is a great chance to recoup them. And that i also ought to remind happened to create any data within the data loss location. This might greatly lower the odds of recovering fallen data. Bear in mind, the less actions you need to do with the particular memory card you may recover important computer data from, the bigger the memory card recovery are.

There it is recommend to be able to download Card Data Recovery software for any trial with different data restoration modules to scan for lost documents and next get the entire version for card restoration.

Memory card data recovery can be achieved easily.
1. Launch the memory credit card recovery software.
Step two. Select the option "Photo Recovery", "Video Restoration","Music Recovery" or "Report Recovery", otherwise you can break all of which if you would like.
Step several. Click "Scan" and after that Card Information Recovery are listed all dropped files.
Step 4. Preview misplaced image files. Choose the ones you want to get back and then click "Recover".
Step . 5. "Save" all of your recovered files and you're simply finished memory data recovery.

Never allow such point happen one more time! Back increase data onto your computer in case data loss happens. If you are in demand for memory greeting card data recovery, give Card Data Recovery a try!

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Mac Photo Recovery - Let's Learn a Little Useful Tips

"How to recover lost photos from the memory card of my Nikon digital camera on a Mac?
I accidentally formatted the memory card on my camera by mitake and would love to recover those photos that I can't afford to lose. I have a Mac. Is there any software that would work? I was just wonderng if i can recover all my precious pictures. Is there are program that? Experts, please help?"

People may be searching such recovery software for a while which can recover their lost, deleted or formatted photos on digital camera's memory card.

Photo is probably the essential components in the life because it captures our own happy occasions and recollections. Photo endows all of us the capability to share issues with our own friends. Cameras uses storage cards such as SD cards, SDHC cards, CF cards, memory sticks and a great many other high capability memory cards regarding high safe-keeping. Memory cards have highly ability and are designed to save high definition images.

Many of us would transfer their digital photos from cameras to their Mac OS X based on personal computer, like Macbook or iMac. But the thing is no matter where you store these photos, there nevertheless exists the risk that one day you could lose these photos. Problems happen when photos were deleted by people, memory cards were formatted and so on. If something similar happens then your photos will probably be gone.

Most folks take the actual misconception that when the pictures lost on a digital camera, those pictures were gone completely. In truth, the pictures are still kept in a memory card. Even though we commit deleting operation, the images are there to stay in the particular disk however invisible. The particular entry catalog of the device makes a unique mark around the lost information hinting that area could be written over by other new one. As a result, if you don't using this camera to take more pictures or save new data after data loss strikes, your photo could be recovered very easily.

Card Data Recovery for Mac is particularly designed for Mac photo recovery. This particular Mac data recovery tool mainly aims to restore lost multimedia files out of your Mac personal computer and some other storage devices like digital camera's memory card, usb flash drive, portable hard drive and directly search dropped files. This particular software has the capacity to help with Mac data recovery whenever data lost due for the following instances:
* Lost image files for instance .jpeg, .bmp, .jpg, .png documents on hard drive of your Mac OS X based on machines.
* Press "Delete", "Deleted All" or even "Format" option on the particular Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus digital cameras by incident.
* Power off your digital cameras during the actual write or perhaps read procedure.
* Removing the memory cards when the write or read procedure is not really over.
* Taking pictures or even videos when the camera is in low power.
* Memory card is corrupted somehow.

It is easy to use such a Mac data recovery tool to recover lost pictures. Why not get it to have a try, now? Recover your lost or deleted photos at ease and get your memories back!

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Tell You the Way to Unlock & Jailbreak iPhone 5

You are able to fiind the very best tools to be able to Unlock/Break iPhone 5, 4/4smple to Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/four/3gs with the aid of this instrument.I were able to Unlock/Break iPhone 4s/4/3gs and i also have to express that is actually working greatThe current situation around the particular Jailbreak is somewhat complicated given that Apple introduced the revise to i phone OS 5.1, and more recently to be able to IOS five.1.1Users who have the Breakout Untethered in the last version (IOS and have upgraded the device will have forfeit the unlock because Apple company closed the particular exploit to be able to Jailbreak inside newer types. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs However if you still have updated the potential for Tethered Break or to be able to downgrade. Uncover/Jailbreak apple iphone 4s/4/3gs.

A new way to unlock/jailbreak apple iphone 4,4S,3Gs iOS 6 has recently been released by Smart Discover Company.The complete jailbreak/uncover iPhone some,4S,handset iOS 6 process is made possible through a new software called Drain Shield.
If you wish to read more about SAP Shield visit :

The software is just a couple of days old and it is compatible despite having the most recent basebands versions like 04.12.02,04.12.01. The newest tool can be acquired for download through , Smart Unlock’s established website, getting presented along with video directions and step by step guide.According to over 1.000 customer reviews the application is user friendly and even those that are not familiar with the iOS half a dozen jailbreak/unlock process can complete the process in under 15 moments.

According to a tweet the application has experienced beta screening for above 1 month and following many profitable unlock/breakout procedures regarding iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS the device is up and running available for many who want in order to free their particular iDevices. The application has recently been confirmed simply by popular break communities as well as the guys are happy to say the procedure is actually even simplier compared to one regarding iOS SAP Defend v1.6 worked like a dream for people who had iOS 5.1.1 running on their own iDevices and also over 50,500 iPhones exactly where unlocked/jailbreaked according to spokesperson through Smart Discover.Those individuals who dread about loss in features or even functionalities you should know there is going to be none are you aware that guarantee emptiness “issue” using a simple WiFi/iTunes connection the ensure can be placed up in its spot with a simple restore/up-date to the latest iOS.The complete process is actually reversible gone will be the signs that the iPhone has once been jailbroken or even unlocked.

The new tool is actually capable to jailbreak/unlock iPhone some,4S,3GS iOS six from systems located within 145 nations working along with both GSM and CDMA carriers.Along with the video instructions and step-by-step guides you will have available 24/7 complex and customer care along having a innovative Service-desk System , admission based, to help those who have misunderstandings along the iOS 6 jailbreak or even unlock. According to their established website a 30-day time “no concerns asked” money back guarantee is present so if you fail to complete the method and you have no patience regarding technical support a money back refund is given. The Smart Unlock Team was formed in middle of the 2006 through now it seems that they possess succesfully jailbroken/revealed over 300,000 iDevices, making possible for that iPhone proprietors to unleash the full possible.To become more specific following your iOS half a dozen unlock/breakout process you'll be able to use any GSM/CDMA company meaning it does not matter where you're you should be able to use your own iPhone as for the jailbreak you will be able to download thousands regarding FREE applications from the actual unnoficial Iphone app store – Cydia.

How can I recover iPhone data I lost? By using an iPhone data recovery software, you can make it at ease.

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Data Recovery for Seagate External Hard Drive

I bought a Seagate external hard drive 4 months ago. I don't even use it that much. I was going to move data from my pc to the drive and it suddenly stopped working. I have been trying to contact seagate and they'll make you wait for hours and the websites warranty section is always down. Seagate offered me $2,000 & $1,500 for them to recover my files. I am looking for a solution for seagate file recovery.

Oh, yep, lesson learned. Data I care about should *never* be stored in only one place. And external hard drives how about the lowest reliability of any digital storage medium.

You have four choices:

1. If your data is worth the $1,500 to $2000 or so a professional seagate data recovery service will charge, don't do anything. Everything you do risks damaging your data. Contact the service and follow their instructions.

2. Relying on professional data recovery software that may cost you a bit money. I had succeed to retrieve files from a corrupted hard drive with Tenorshare Data Recovery. You may give it a shot! Download it from . What's more, you can use it before try it on another drive first this is one you learn first then use take a long time to run check every sector for data.

3. If your data is not worth the $1,600 or so, then you have nothing to lose. It sounds from your description like your drive is not spinning. Try removing and applying power a few times to see if you can get it to spin. Try smacking the flat top portion of the drive right as it tries to spin up to try to unjam it. If you do get it going, copy the most critical data off immediately. You may never get it spinning again.

4. Freezing trick. I had luck with the drive still being good if this doesn't help two more things to try put drive in zip lock bag and put in freezer over night don't get it wet place in Nexstar unit next day and and turn it on also have your computer on first and ready to move files I got back files with a few minutes. Then the hard drive can be used any more.

You see, whatever is your situation, it is highly possible to do seagate files recovery on your portable hard drive.

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iPhone 5 Release:6 iPhone 5 Rumors You Should Know Before It Release

September. 12 – the long-awaited day iPhone followers are expecting to ultimately see the secrets of the next iPhone - iPhone 5 will be revealed in this Wednesday, just tomorrow. Rival phone makers, computer vendors, wireless carriers, and also parts suppliers all stand to be affected by the hit wave created by Apple's new iPhone. Apple is expected to challenge other mobile makers with the brand new iPhone's battery performance, display size, and form factor. Here, I tend to put more stock in iPhone 5 rumors before iPhone 5 release tomorrow.

1 A Better LTE Capability
Whereas larger rival 4G LTE phones have been called "battery hogs" and "pocket hogs," the new iPhone is expected to sidestep such labels and tear market share through other phone makers. A greater LTE-enabled iPhone may join a host of other 4G phones giving high data speeds on the go. As such, the IT industry could lose further ground to mobile vendors, hurting growth in such companies as Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

2 A Larger and Much Better Display
It may support a 4-inch screen from LG. It is also reported that LG has began mass producing a display that integrates "in-cell multitouch technology." Both LG and Samsung are known suppliers of iPhone and iPad parts, so it's easy to understand why this new touch screen may be destined for the iPhone 5. The new display would relinquish the need for sensors and glass, which will make the device even lighter.

3 In-Cell Touch Panels
There are differences in thinness between the iPhone 4S and the alleged iPhone 5 prototype. Whereas the iPhone 4S face plate measured exactly 1 mm, the iPhone 5's front plate is 0.1 mm thinner at just 0.9 mm thick. By effectively removing a layer between the multi-touch screen and the LCD display, these in-cell panels far outperform current "on-cell" touch screens.
4 A Thinner Screen
A patent awarded to Apple covers a new LCD screen technology that integrates the touch sensors with the actual display circuits, reducing the space taken up by the screen. The new technology is an improvement over the current technique, which places the touch sensors on top of the screen and naturally leads to a thicker display. This "Touch screen liquid crystal display" could eventually lead to thinner and lighter displays.

5 A Smaller SIM Card
Leaked photos posted on the user forum WeiPhone purportedly show the new iPhone's motherboard/logicboard with a smaller SIM card slot. According to 9to5Mac, these photos would be the first "real-world appearance" of the nano-SIM that Apple has already been pushing for as the standard.

6 A New Dock Connector
All new devices in the iOS family will be getting an updated, smaller dock connector. These products include the iPhone 5, the new iPod nanos and touches, the ever-so-mysterious iPad mini, and the latest generation of the iPad. Though rumors of a smaller dock connector have been circulating around the new iPhone for some time, it makes sense that other Apple handsets would follow suit.

Eyeing the features that could pop up in the new phone, 4G LTE support, a larger display, more memory, 3D maps and navigation, a new dock connector and new SIM card technology. The iPhone 5 will sell well, no doubt. What will really surprise us? Let's see tomorrow!


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Raw Drive Recovery Tips to Recover Raw Drive Data

"So my 500gb Western Digital hard drive's USB plug broke, and expert suggested to buy a SATA dock but after plugged it in, the drive turned to "RAW file system" (which, to my understanding, means that it has no format). Is there any software that I can use to recover data from Raw drive? I have hours of video recorded and days of documents written that I can't afford to lose.Thanks in advance guys.."
--Asked by Chris in Yahoo.Answers

Occasionally when we attempt to access data from a drive/partition or storage media, we may go to the popup dialogue box which shows a message including ' The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now ? '. In such situation, the file system is shown as 'RAW' as well as the disk space also will become 0 byte when we check the drive in "My Computer". What's more, to your desperate, our important data are gone although all of us did not delete or maybe format them. Then exactly where did our files head out? Can we do Raw drive recovery to get returning our files? In this example, Raw hdd recovery is still possible with Raw data recovery software to restore lost files.

Why hard drive turns into raw file system?
Since the files get lost caused by RAW file system, what's RAW file system? Raw file system is an excellent regular file system in a operating system. As we all know the regular file systems of Windows is FAT or NTFS. RAW file system is a system problem which presents a dilemma of our computers and also makes our files unaccessible. SD card can come to be RAW and not understandable in computer, external disc drive can become RAW in the event that we insert it to be able to PC and any various other storage media has the opportunity to fell into Natural file system problems.

Once the hard drive is revealed as RAW file system, it can have the following possible (but is not all) error symptoms:
* 'The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?'
* 'Sector not found' error message even though accessing any file.
* File system is exhibited as 'RAW'…

Solution for Raw data recovery
In the above cases, external hard drive raw recovery or partition recovery is possible. We must opt for Raw recovery software. Here, Natural recovery doesn't mean recovering partition or file process itself, but recovering files from RAW partition/hard drive. Tenorshare Data Recovery can certainly effectively and safely perform Rawrecovery to rescue lost files from hard drive. If you actually a Mac user, you can give a try for Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac, which can do the same job in Mac OS X.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Most Common Problems and Answers with your iPhone 4 S and iPhone 3GS

Question 1: Is it possible recover deleted pictures from iPhone 4 S? This guy deleted pictures off my iphone 4 last night. I found out after I checked my phone this morning once it had a full charge. Is it possible to recover them? Please help me if this is possible.

Question 2: Restored my iPhone but want to recover all my contacts, call history, messages? Hi, i need to restore my iphone, but as a new iphone, as I have problems going on in my iPhone. However, i dont want to lose my contacts. Do i have anyway to recover my contacts after i restore it as a new iphone??? So i've had this iPhone 3gs with me for about a year now. All of a sudden it stopped working one night and now its not turning on. I really need the contacts , call history and messages, etc. on it because they were very important. If anyone can please tell me how to recover my data i'd really appreciate it. 

Best Answer for Both:
Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery software can help iPhone, iPad users get back deleted or lost contacts, call history, messages, notes and photos once synced your device with iTunes before. You can get the first version with 50% off immediately at

In order to meet the data recovery needs of iPhone users, we launch this product. We wish this product can bring good lucks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. From now on, you have no need to worry about deleted or lost important messages, contacts, etc. Even your iPhone was unfortunately lost, and have no iPhone in your hand, once you have synced the phone to your Mac one time, you have choices to get back the data.

This iTunes data recovery software can do things as below.
1. Automatically detect all IOS devices including iPhone, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPad and iPod Touch once you run this program.
2. Only taking one minute for scanning your iOS devices, or even less time, you will be surprised to see your photos, videos and messages, etc. listed in the interface of this program.
3. Read your contacts, SMS messages, notes, call history and photos in the iTunes backup file and you will see each category separately listed in the task list.
4. All scanned result can be previewed and you can even see your photos listed as thumbnails. Other content will be displayed with detailed info including call history date, type, duration, etc.
5. With one mouse click, you can retrieve all data from idevices to yoru computer without any data loss. You can recover all data at one time or select what you need to recover.

If you happened to need iTunes data recovery, it is really a good bet. Or you can restore one for future use. This iTunes recovery software works extremely well under Mac OS X 10.3 and above including the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. No matter you are a computer novice or even you are totally a green computer user, you can use it freely.

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Free Trial for Tenorshare Data Recovery Enterprise-Program to Recover Your Files

Data loss is the worst nightmare for all of us computer users. I have always heard someone asked questions like:
1. I lost important files. Deleted with "Shift+Del" by mistake. How to find and recover it? Is it possible?
2. I formatted the micro SD card of my Samsung Galaxy S III mobile phone, can I get my photos, videos and music back?
3. Is there any way to recover deleted pictures on my Canon Powershot digital camera?
4. Can you help me recover data from a formatted external hard drive? I have no back up.

When theses accident happen to you, don't press the red button on so soon! The answer is, yes! There is a lot of data recovery program available to help you recover lost data. Some of them work exemely well, some not. Here I would like share with you the one I used and helped me out.

Tenorshare Data Recovery Enterprise is multi-functional data recovery software. It can help you recover lost, mistakenly deleted, inaccessible or formatted data from storage media such as hard drives, external hard drive, USB flash drive,iPod and memory card, etc.
Easy steps to recover your photos, videos, music and other files with Tenorshare Data Recovery software:
Step 1: Free download Tenorshare Data Recovery Enterprise and launch it.
Step 2: Choose a recovery mode for example "Deleted Recovery" according to how you lost your data.
Step 3: Select the disk your files located and then click "Scan" to search all recoverable files. Step 4: Tick the files you desire to get back and click "Recover" next.
Step 5: Choose a path on your PC or secondary storage device. Click OK to finish data recovery.  

That is all for how to use this terrific data recovery program. Easy, right? With it, you should not worry about data loss any more when disaster strikes.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Recovery from Canon Powershot Digital Camera

I accidentally deleted really good pictures from my camera. I have a Canon Powerpoint SX30 camera is Does anyone know how to get them back? Anything I can do? Thanks!

Certainly the answer is "Yes!"

Do you have the same thing happened? "Deleted All" pictures on a digital camera by mistake or u ever formatted the memory card of your camera without taking them out? Then are you looking for any photo recovery software to help you avoid such unpleasant situations?
You know what? Where there is a will, there is a way. Now I want to tell you that a photo recovery tool can be the "way" to get back your beloved pictures. Time and Tide wait for no man. When you make an error today, you need to revise it or reduce its effect to the very minimal. Likewise, As soon as you find your pictures in your camera lost, you had better rack your brain to recover them. Otherwise you will never get them back.
Of course you do not want to let those beautiful pictures become fuzzier and fuzzier, until their images are totally forgotten by you. Today here I will show you how this amazing digital image recovery tool makes your lost pictures clear and vivid again for you. Furthermore, you don't have to rack your brain this time to solve a problem this time, what you need do are just several clicks of button in PC.

Why photo recovery software can recover photo from camera?
You may ask why we can still use a tool to retrieve those pictures which seems being deleted permanently. As a matter of fact, when you delete the photos from camera, the deleted photos are not actually deleted forever. You simply delete the associated entry and the photo data are still saved in the original sectors of camera memory card. One thing different is those data space is marked as available for other new data to write over or occupy.

How does this software look like on earth?
You may wonder how I know so much about this. Actually I had similar experience like you. But once bitten, twice shy. I just learned from the experience from then on. If you want to know what kind of digital image recovery tool has ever taught me, I will share you with my story about Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac or for Windows version soon.


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Monday, July 9, 2012

Photo Recovery Tips and Tricks Given by Experts

A couple months ago, a survey of American households to determine how many people actually suffered some form of data loss. It turned out that 1 out of four people have experienced data loss. Which types of files they value the most is asked. 39% of computer users said that photos were their most valuable data. We can see from the result of this survey that there is a huge demand for photo recovery. Then what to do to recover photos you deleted or lost? I'm here to help.

Photo Recovery Tips and Tricks

1. Do NOT use your computer or media storage device any more if possible.

Once you realize that you have lost or deleted your photos, do not write or save or add anything else even a single file to the hard disk or memory card. When you delete photos, the operating system marks the blocks that the photo existed on as available. The actual photo data is not touched, until and unless a new file is saved on to the disk, which has a chance of over-writing the photo data. Obviously the more files you write to the disk, the greater possible that you may over-write the photos you deleted or lost. Once the photos are overwritten, no way to recover the pictures.
Photo Recovery
2. Do NOT perform Defragment on the hard drive of your computer.
Defragmentation causes blocks to be moved, and the blocks that photos you lost or deleted are in, are more than likely to be over-written.

3. Methods to recover photos.
There are several ways to back up and recover pictures.

Recover pictures from a backup application

If you are a Windows 7 OS user, you can recover pictures from the Windows Backup application.

Click "Start" and then "Control Panel". Next, click "Back up your computer" and click "Restore my files" & "Browse for files".

Double-click the appropriate icons displayed to access the pictures in the backup. Such as "Backup of C:" -> "Users" -> "Public" -> "Pictures" -> "Sample Pictures". Click to select the pictures you desire to get back, then click "Add files". Click "Next".

To change the location where the photos will be saved, click to navigate the folders on the computer. Once the destination folder is selected, click "OK". The pictures are recovered successfully.

Using photo recovery software

Tenorshare Photo Recovery is a professional photo recovery software that can recover lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible pictures, videos, songs and other audio files from computer, external hard drive, USB flash drive, MP3,MP4 music players, memory card on digital camera and mobile phone, iPod, iPad, iMac, etc. It has two versions, one for Windows users-Tenorshare Photo Recovery, the other one for Mac users-Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac. You can get it from

4. Remember to make backups for your photos.

Regular backup is the most efficient way to avoid photo loss if emergency strikes. By this way you will have no need to worry about photo recovery at all!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Personal Efficient Solutions for Windows Start up Problems

Question 1: My Dell Inspiron 530s computer won't boot up past windows load screen?
I've been trying to boot up my hp computer, but it won't go past the windows xp screen, it just keeps loading and loading and won't do anything. Also, I tried booting it in safe mode and still no luck. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or what's the problem? I have thousand and thousand of photos, videos and documents there because I had been using it since 4 years ago. Can anyone please help?

Question 2: Why isn't my computer booting up Windows?
When I try to boot it up, it won't get past the Windows XP logo and instead of getting the XP Welcome Screen, I see a menu telling me that the power or power button may have accidentally been accessed and to try and start the computer in start mode. I've tried loading Windows via Last Known Configuration, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and Normal Mode but none of them work. By the way guys, I don't have the Windows XP disc. The desktop was purchased at Best Buy and Geek Squad performed the installation but they kept the Windows XP disc. If I reinstall Windows directly, will I lose all my data on the hard drive? Can I fix it like that? If no, can I get my data back?
Question 3: It will get past the Windows logo, but it won't show the start up screen.
My dad used it and the laptop accidentally caught something. I'm not sure if it's a virus, but the laptop will get past the windows logo screen, and it won't let me log in to my account. What can I do? Is there a way to recover the files? Thank you for your time.

When your computer appears to power up okay but Windows won't start up properly, Windows operating system got corrupted somehow. This kind of error usually occurs because some of windows essential files have been corrupted. apparently some that are required to boo up even in safe mode. It may cause problems with .net and other windows packages, but your best bet is to use a windows disc and do a repair install to replace the important system files with known-good versions.

Go into safe mode and keep an eye on the files being loaded during boot up. The last one to be displayed before the computer turns off is probably the files you needed to be replaced or restored. Do some research and you may be able to come up with a solution, or just replace that one bad file via using your Windows disc.

If that doesn't work, you have to reinstall a brand-new Windows operating system on your hard drive. Off course, you are likely to lose your data.

You might have been worrying about data loss. If you really don't want to risk that, Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE is available to help with data recovery under any boot up problems.

Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE is a professional data recovery software that allows users to burn ISO file to CD/DVD/USB flash drive and boot up Windows operating system from bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive directly to recover your data on computer that won’t boot up Windows. You can use it to recover data you lost or deleted due to drive crash, damage or format, mistakenly emptied the Recycle Bin, virus infection, etc. also. It is compatible with Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Are you in trouble of not being able to boot Windows operating system on your computer? In need of data recovery on your PC? Can this article helps you? If you have any problem refering to this topic, ask me in Comments.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Do You Recover Photos from Nikon Coolpix S9100 Compact Digital Camera?

Due to digital camera's invention, we can hold our wonderful moment in life just with a click on camera. Sony Cybershot, Canon Powershot, Nikon digital camera are widely used by millions and millions people. Here I will focus on discussing digital camera-Nikon camera. Carry your passion for beautiful photos wherever you go! The new Nikon COOLPIX S9100 is as advanced and powerful as it is stylish and compact.  From its 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and ultra-high resolution monitor to its astonishing 18x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens, Full HD (1080p) movie recording and convenient features, it's the ideal camera for those who want sophistication and power wrapped up in a small package.

As a typical representative of digital products, Nikon camera has many advantages in “holding certain moments for life”. It is a great camera brand to be owned by people for its excellent specs, such as having a 10 MP feature and yet, the price is not harsh for what you can get from it. However, in some cases, you may lose your memorable pictures or videos due to human wrong operations, physical damage on camera or some different reasons. Anyway, those are drastic situations where they put you in need of digital picture recovery.
Nikon Coolpix digital camera
For knowing the ways of retrieving your memorable pictures or videos in your Nikon camera, first you need to know what reasons cause them lost. Reasons such as switching off the camera improperly, removing battery without powering off the camera, system file corruption, virus infection to camera memory, formatting your camera, or “Delete All” when deleting pictures without any backup in other places etc., could cause pictures or videos missing.

Since we have got reasons for those missing pictures or videos, then we now start picture recovery.
In this situation, digital picture recovery software comes to your assistance. Many people don’t believe a third application can help them recover deleted pictures from Nikon camera. Instead, they would spend lots of time on racking their brain doing something in vain. Seriously speaking, without such easy and clean third application software, it’s impossible for a nonprofessional to recover those data in their camera.

Tenorshare Data Recovery is one of the best third application digital picture software which can be very useful for you in recovering pictures from digital cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony and so on. It cannot only restore lost or deleted pictures, videos, but also songs, documents, graphic files from all types of storage devices.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Personal Experience about Recovering SD Card Data

A couple days ago, I received a "SD Card Error" messages on my Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera. I was afraid that I was losing my photos on the SD card that I took on the vocation abroad! How to fix the SD card and recover SD card data? Luckily, I managed to recover pictures from SD card and resolve such “error” problem. Here I show you what I did:

Firstly, I searched on Google to find solutions about such media card error. I saw some experts claimed that this might caused by below reasons:
1. Remove the SD Card while camera was still on.
2. Power off the camera while transferring photos or videos to PC or camera was working.

They also said that formatted the SD card and everything would be OK. But I could not afford to lose my pictures with remarkable memory on them! My wife was killing me by that! Finally, I saw some people said that there were SD card recovery software available to restore SD card data.

Secondly, I found a software app after searching. It is called Tenorshare Data Recovery, which can recover lost, deleted, corrupted and formatted data on SD cards. I got it from After installation, I launched it on my computer and scanned the SD card. It showed thumbnails of my pictures, all my photos were there! Thanks , God!

But to save my photos, I had to pay for the program. I didn’t want to pay any money. So, I gave some other recovery software a give. There were Recuva (freeware), Card Recovery (need to pay for $39.95 to save files), etc. which I tried. Freeware didn’t work in this case, and the other recovery software was much more expensive than Tenorshare Data Recovery. Then I made up my mind to get Tenorshare Data Recovery at a price $29.95. Finally, I got all my photos back! It is worthy for the money I paid. Otherwise, it can recover files you deleted, lost, formatted from PC, hard drive, usb flash drive, memory card of mobile and camera. That is good news to know. And at one time payment, you can use it for a life time.

At last, I had to format the SD card to fix SD card error. And it is working now. And I would like to share my experience with you guy who have encounter the same trouble.

First and most important one, do not do anything to the SD card after you get a “sd card error” on your digital camera. Stop using it and put it in a safe place.

Second, before you choose a recovery program, you had better try a trial version they provide. If it works, you can get a full version.

Third, while use recovery tool, do not save the recovered files to the SD card in case that your photos, videos and music files are overwritten by new ones.

If you have any problems about SD card recovery, please let me know. And you can share your own experiences about such SD card error trouble with all us here as well.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Memory Stick Recovery Tool to Recover Memory Stick Data on Your Sony Camera

What is Memory Stick?
Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card format developed by Sony. This whole family of Memory Sticks is extremely large with quantity of types. It includes Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Micro (M2), and Memory Stick PRO-HG. It is commonly used in PMP, PSX games, digital cameras, digital camcorders, Sonly Ericsson Mobile Phones, Laptops and etc. 

 What issues we often meet?
“Hi, so I’ve recently deleted a lot of photos by accident from my 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo while it was in my Sony digital camera. Could someone recommend a Memory Stick Recovery utility that can instantly recover my lost pictures?”
“I have a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera with a 256 MB Memory Stick PRO as memory card. When I ran out of room on memory stick I would save the pictures onto a CD and then format the stick to make room for new pictures. It appears, however, that I may have lost the CDs that I put the pictures onto. I am wondering if it would be possible to go back and recover memory stick data.”

The solutions
If you are also finding the solutions for the issues mentioned above, you can find the answer here. The first and most important thing you have to do is do nothing on the memory stick, stop using it on your cameras, mobiles or PCs. Because anything you do is likely to make your data unrecoverable. Several days ago, I met the similar problem and found a helpful memory stick recovery utility—Tenorshare Data Recovery. It enables you to recover deleted data from memory stick or retrieve data from formatted, corrupted memory stick.

Follow the steps below to learn how easily it works:
Firstly, Download a Memory Stick Data Recovery tool, install and launch it. Insert your memory stick into a card reader and plug the card reader into your computer.
Secondly, if you lost data due to deletion, click “Deleted Recovery”; if you accidently formatted your stick and lost data, click “Formatted Recovery”.
Thirdly, choose your memory stick on the list of “Partitions”. And click “Scan”. For formatted recovery, you should do one more step that you need to choose the file system your memory stick used before formatting.
Fourthly, this program will search all recoverable files on your storage media. All your files will be shown in the next interface. Unfold each folder and highlight one of them, and the files on each folder will be listed. For picture format, you can click its name on the file information line to preview it.
Fifthly, tick the files you would like to recover, and click “Recover”.
Sixthly, choose a path on your computer to save these recovered files. An indicator pops up to mind you not to save them on your memory stick directly. (Do not save in C:/ drive!)
Memory stick data recovery is quiet easy if you find an excellent application. Never worry about data loss on the memory stick of your cameras, mobiles again.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Samsung / Blackberry / HTC / Nokia / LG Mobile Phone Data Recovery Guide

In these years, mobile phones are popular, easy and efficient means of communication. It makes our everyday life easy. Mobile phones are also able to store data and many other multimedia features have made them very attractive.

Lost Data on Your Mobile Phone?
Sometimes data loss situation takes place in mobile phones due to various reasons:
1. Infection of virus.
2. Accidental deletion of data from phonebook.
3. Corruption in hardware or software of mobile.

These reasons result in data loss situation which is very frustrating for users.

If you are traveling and you have to call somewhere but when you check that whole phonebook is washed out then how would you feel. You can also lose all music, photos and Videos. This type of critical situation may take place. If backup of data is available, it’s not very hard task to recover your lost data. If back up is not available it may be difficult to recover files from mobile phone. But you need not to worry; mobile phone data recovery software is available to help.

Mobile data recovery software like Tenorshare Data Recovery, Card Data Recovery For Mac not only recovers data from mobile but also from storage devices as from memory card. It is one of the easiest ways to recover files from mobile phone.

Some important features of phone data recovery software:
* Data change is not possible after using this software.
* Photos, videos and music files and so on can be recovered by this recovery software.
* It can support various brands of memory cards like Kingston, SanDisk, Toshiba and many more.
* Recovery process is very simple and easy and can be completed in few clicks.
* It is so simple and easy to use so that a non technical person can use it.
* Hard drive data recovery is also possible. It supports windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8.
* It can display the preview of data which can be recovered.
* Restoration of data is very fast with this software.

You can easily recover your lost files if recovery software is available. If you are in need of mobile phone data recovery, you can download it from easily.


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easy,Fast and Safe Flash Drive Data Recovery Guide

Flash drives are utilized to store or transfer data more and more in this information era. They bring great convenience to our information, programs, and data. Flash drives might be the most convenient method to transfer data from one PC to another. Not only are they small enough to fit on a key chain, but they also have extremely large saving space and are relatively inexpensive. However, just like all other forms of memory, files can become corrupt and unable to open on a flash drive, making the file useless and giving the user a headache. Even, your USB flash drive says it needs to be formatted. There is a way, though, to get around the issue and recover lost or corrupt files that are on your flash drive.

There are some USB flash drive data recovery tool available to recover lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted files after deeply scan your flash drive to look for lost data. Here I recommend you a professional one-Tenorshare Data Recovery. It can recover lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted documents, pictures, videos and music files from USB flash drive, memory card of camera and mobile phone, computer, external hard drive with a few quick clicks.

lost data on USB flash drive

Let’s see how easy it is to recover data from flash drive:
1 Connect your flash drive to your computer.
2 Click "Start" and then click on "My Computer" to verify that your drive is recognized.
3 Open Tenorshare Data Recovery (or another USB flash drive data recovery software). Download the software.
4 Select "Flash Drive" as the source to be recovered by selecting the drive with the right letter (ex. G:).
5 Choose a recovery mode. If you want to recover deleted files from flash drive, choose “Deleted Recovery”; Or you just desire to recover data from formatted flash drive, click on “Format Recovery”. Lost files due to virus attack, power failure, system sabotage, not being safely ejected, etc. select “Raw Recovery”.
6 Click "Scan" and start USB data recovery.
7 Tick the recoverable files you want to recover, which found by this program, and click “Recover” to proceed flash drive data recovery.
8 Set a path folder to save the recovered files in the following window.
9 Click “OK” to completely file recovery.

In order to prevent from data loss on your flash drive, as with any other storage medium, keep backups of your important data. However, though, we have no worry for flash drive data recovery any more today.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Memory Card Data Recovery Tips to Recover Memory Card Content

How to perform memory card data recovery? I guess this has been asked by many people nowadays.

21st Century represents a new era of information and digit. Some people say today’s society is a time of rapid advance and a time of digitization. Indeed, we are living in a time of digit. Portable devices like digital camera, camcorder, game console, MP3, MP4 players and iPod etc. are all popular digital products. Modern people are very smart, I have to say. When they invented the digital camera, another problem occurred. That was the storage problem. Imagine that if you want to take as many pictures as you want with your digital camera when you are in traveling, but your cameral just cannot store so many photos. This is really a matter of mere nuisance. But soon, people created a tool to solve the problem. That is memory card.

Up to today, people are popular to take usage of memory cards including SD card, CF card, XD card, SDHC card, memory stick and so on, to store amount of data on. All of those are largely embedded in digital cameras, phones, music players and many other portable digital devices. With a mass storage volume, memory cards are indispensable for portable media devices users. 

Nevertheless, there are good points and bad points at the same time. Memory cards occasionally may got damaged by incident and content on it is likely vanished. All individual scenarios can all cause your important stuff gone missing. How to recover memory card data? This will possible be the reason why I asked the question in the 1st sentence with this article.

Actually, most of us don’t know why we can recover pictures from memory card. And I’m going to tell you the reason and show you might be the best and efficient method to perform a memory card data recovery.  Occasionally we are able to get assistance from the 3rd application programs to recover memory card data on your PC. So does recovering all your memory card data.

There are lots of memory card recovery software available on the internet. So do freeware options for memory card data recovery. Be careful to take into account the testimonials and get one from reputable websites. But most of freeware is not reliable. Your pictures, videos and files on memory card might be corrupted and can’t be viewed any more after you used a freeware to retrieve your stuffs. In this case, the only way to retrieve your lost data is to rely on some professional and payable recovery software like Tenorshare Data Recovery (for Windows), Card Data Recovery for Mac.

Most card data recovery software works nearly in the same way. Furthermore, memory card recovery could be finished easily within several minutes. The recovery time depends on how big is your files. Get a card data recovery program and launch it on computer properly. 1. Select the memory card hard disk. When you connect the memory card with your PC, it will show up a drive letter like F:/ drive in “My Computer”. The same thing happens on this program. 2. Scan your card to locate your lost files. 3. Click on “Recover” to continue memory card data recovery.4. Complete the process by clicking “OK”.

Within four easy steps, you can get back your lost photos, videos and songs on the memory card. Remember, if you don’t want data loss on memory card due to accidentally deletion, formatting and card damages happens again, you had better make back-up for your stuff. Whatever, there is no worry about memory card data recovery any more.