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How can I Recover Deleted Pictures from iPad 3?

Can I recover deleted photos from iPad 3?
My sister accidently deleted almost all of our family pictures that we had on the iPad 3. These pictures have been synced but have no backup on iTunes or iCloud, and are very important! Is there an app that could help me recover these pictures? About 300 photos have been deleted. ANY way to recover these photos would be gratifying.

-- Olive Asked in Yahoo.Answers

You may lose pictures you took with your iPad either by accidently deletion(probably deleted them and clean the trash), or photo loss due to iPad factory restore. Are you look ways to get deleted pictures back from iPad 3? If yes, then you have came to the right place!
recovering iPad pictures
I would like to share with you two easy ways to recover deleted pictures from iPad 3 or retrieve pictures lost due to iPad 2 factory restore.
Way One: Restoring from the Backup via iTunes

Firstly, be sure that the computer is the one that you have made a backup for your pictures on the iPad 3. Secondly, open iTunes and right-click (or control-click) the iPad 3 under device management and choose "Restore from Backup" option. By the way, if you have a new iPad, you can connect to iTunes and you will be prompted to restore from the backup, too.
This way is an Apple's official solution. If that worked, you have no need for the second option. If not, please go head.

Way Two: Recovering from the Backup File on Your Computer by iPad Data Recovery Tools
If you have no backup for data and files you deleted or lost on an iPad, I'm afraid you have to pay for a third-party iPad data recovery tool to get them back.

Though iPad devices and the other Apple products like iPhone and iPod use quite a different storage mechanism unlike any other smartphone, which have external Micro SD card to save files like photos, videos and songs, still you are able to retrieve deleted or lost data and files with a third party specific iPad data recovery tool on the computer (which you normally sync with) without iTunes and even without the iPad itself. Thus, what you need to do is to lauch an iPad data recovery tool to get back all of your deleted or lost pictures easily.

Here I recommend you one professional one: Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery (Download it from By using recovery software, you can recover deleted pictures from iPad 3 from the backup file on computer or from iPad itself in several easy steps.

Step 1: Once you run the iPad data recovery tool you get two options, choose "Recover from Backup" to being a new process that will help you get deleted pictures back from iPad 3.
Step 2: The next screen will display an iDevice backup file options that you need to choose from. Since you need to recover deleted pictures from iPad 3, you need to choose theone for your iPad 3. Then click on "Start Scan". It scans the iPad memory for photos you accidentally deleted or lost.
Step 3: All your photos, lost files will be displayed in front of your eyes. You can preview your pictures and files to choose the ones you need to get back. And click "Recover" button.
Step 4: The next screen will prompt you to choose a drive; this is where the iPad data recovery tool will store the retrieved photos.

Is the iPad data recovery tool safe and easy to use?
Although there are several recovery tools available, this iPad data recovery tool is the best tool that I could ever found. The graphical interface makes it easy to use and very simple to understand.That's all for how to recover iPad pictures after accidentally deleted or loss due to iPad restore.

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