Saturday, December 29, 2012

iPad 4 Data Recovery - How to Recover Deleted Data from iPad 4 Device?

As we all know, the iPad is not only a mobile phone but also a compact computer. It is thought as a device that is united mobile phone and computer. What a amazing gadget to enjoy both advanced technologies together!

You can not only listen to the music you collecteds, watch movies you are interested in, but also make video calls for your families or friends abroad, since now it's works like computers and mobile phones. What's more important is that you can carry it all around which means at the same time, you can carry your business data and entertainment bit around with you all of the time anywhere as you like. Now when we talk about storing data, there is also a chance of losing data. No matter how fast information technology develops, there is always a chance that you could lose your personal or business data no matter due to disaster and accident.

ipad data recovery

People often accidently delete data without even thinking a second. This often leaves us in testy waters, especially when you did not intend deleting important personal or business data. You probably had a very rare movie or music video downloaded courtesy a friend and if you happen to accidently delete it, you feel like you’ve lost your soul. Data loss is something that no one looks forward to. However if you happen to suffer from such situations then there is absolutely no need to worry.

As long as technology develops, you can now recover deleted iPad photos , also recover deleted iPad contacts, videos, music files, etc with the iPad data recovery software. Here I recommended you one outstanding.

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is an excellent high end iPad data recovery tool, with an equally great interface that is simple-designed and easy to use. Data recovery for iPad can be done in jiffy, which means no wasting time at all, which you would have if taken it to Apple store's specialists who would have also charged you for doing something the iPad data recovery software is a pro at. This professional recovery software enables you to recover data like photos, videos, music files and so on you accident deleted or lost due to factory restore from iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3 and iPad 2 with a few mouse clicks.

How to recover iPad Data from iTunes backup by using iPad 4 Data Recovery Software?
Step 1: Scan the backup for your iPad on your Computer
Download the iPad 2 data recovery program from it's official website ( and launch it. Choose the backup file with your device name.
iPad Data Recovery step 1

Step 2: Choose the files you want to get back and start recovery
It allows you to preview the entire list of the files. Choose the category of Photos, Videos, Music and recover them.
iPad Data Recovery step 2

Step 3: Set a target folder to save your recovered files
You can choose anywhere for your files on your computer.
iPad Data Recovery step 3

Here I recommended you a short video shot on Youtube for you.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

FLV Recovery - How to Recover Deleted FLV Files on My Computer?

Hi everyone, I have deleted some flv files on my Mac computer. I didn't meat to deleted them permanently! Is there any way I can recover deleted flv files back to my PC?

Nowaday, video is one of the most important media tool for entertainment and to share information. Among all the video files used, the most prevalent is Flash Video files. FLV (Flash Video files) are being used largely over the Internet to watch videos online. When these video files get corrupted due to system failure, fault in storage media, virus infection, or user’s mistake leads to deletion of the files. So, to get back the flash videos, you need to use FLV Recovery Software which is the most appropriate option. The reason for the loss can be accidental deletion, wrong drive formating, and system problems etc. But when the videos are deleted no need to worry at all. It can be recovered under the help with FLV Recovery Software. Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional is one of the famous. It is included with remarkable features that allow you to regain complete videos. It supports many video file formats such as MOV, MPEG, MP3, WAV along with FLV video files. You can get it from
More powerful features of this FLV recovery software:
* Supports deleted files recovery from mobile phone, digital cameras, USB flash drive, external hard drive and also computer itself
* Makes use of special algorithms to search for the flv files that you deleted or lost and consequently recovers them.
* Ensures complete and safe flv file recovery
* Friendly Interface helps in better and quick usage

The above features states that the FLV Recovery Software is competent enough to recover the flash videos effectively and instantly by clicking on only few options and your videos get recovered and restored on to your system.

How to perform Flv file recovery on computer?
1. Download and install the FLV Recovery Software
2. Open the application to recover FLV files
3. Click on the "Scan" tab to search for the FLV video files
4. After the scanning process is completed, all your lost or deleted FLV videos will be in front of your eyes. Select the ones you want to get back.
5. Then click on "Recover" which begins the data recovery process.
6. Finally, click "Save" to get them back to your PC. And then you can check whether your videos are in good condition.

Now, you have learned how to recover FLV files after you lost or deleted them. Hope this helps a bit!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tell You A Trick to Recover Deleted Files after Emptied Trash on Mac

How can I recover trash files deleted from my computer?
I emptied out the trash, then realized there was something I threw away that I actually needed. Where does it go and can I recover my files after deleted from trash? I have a Mac OS X 10.7. I don't know what other information would be useful.

You must think it is impossible to recover files deleted from trash and will just stay panic about your fault. But the real answer is - You CAN restore trash deleted files right from the computer.

Once I deleted a bunch of files into trash bin and then erased them completely. In essence the files were gone. I was able to get alot of them back using some kind of trash recovery software. I scanned my iMac and recovered everything it found.

The truth is - there are common things between Mac OS X and Windows OS. To be sure wiping Mac trash can be like emptying Windows recycle trash can, and Command Delete under OS X is comparable to Shift Delete under House windows. But both methods won't remove deleted documents permanently, at least for a significant moment. When you carelessly created similar instructions, ONLY removed files are marked as "deleted" (express) by the particular index associated with file system (HFS+ together with Mac Operating system X Panthera leo) but the actual data remain kept one hundred persences intact directly on the hard disk drive of Macintosh OS X based on computer.

So, how to recover deleted files adter emptied trash on a Mac computer?
The very first thing that you should do - Immediately quit saving, deleting or even adding any new data on the computer once you have wiped out the trash.
Trash recovery software helps to accomplish deleted file recovery do-it-yourself within minutes and safely. It can not only recover trash data, but it's also capable to restore trash files lost on a Mac machine due to file deletion by "Command+Delete" command, hard drive formatting, partition loss, memory card error, HFS or HFS+ file system corruption, computer virus attack and so on.

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac is a easy to use deleted file recovery application for all Mac users. It can recover almost all types of files including photos, videos, documents, audio files from a Mac machine and some other portable storage devices like external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card of your mobile phone, digital camera and music players and so on! It works well on the latest Mac OS X 10.8 (Moutain Lion) and Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6,10.5 and 10.4. You can download it from

More features of this deleted file recovery software:
SD Card Recovery - Recover photos from SD card and any types of memory card including SDHC card, CF card, XD card, micro SD card and memory stick, etc.
Pen Drive Data Recovery - Recover files from pen drive after accident deletion or formatting
External Hard Drive Recovery - Recover data from external hard drive that is corrupted, damages or not recognized
Hard Drive Data Recovery - Recover data from crashed hard drive on your computer
Raw Recovery - Recover data from Raw USB drive, hard drive

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