Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Samsung / Blackberry / HTC / Nokia / LG Mobile Phone Data Recovery Guide

In these years, mobile phones are popular, easy and efficient means of communication. It makes our everyday life easy. Mobile phones are also able to store data and many other multimedia features have made them very attractive.

Lost Data on Your Mobile Phone?
Sometimes data loss situation takes place in mobile phones due to various reasons:
1. Infection of virus.
2. Accidental deletion of data from phonebook.
3. Corruption in hardware or software of mobile.

These reasons result in data loss situation which is very frustrating for users.

If you are traveling and you have to call somewhere but when you check that whole phonebook is washed out then how would you feel. You can also lose all music, photos and Videos. This type of critical situation may take place. If backup of data is available, it’s not very hard task to recover your lost data. If back up is not available it may be difficult to recover files from mobile phone. But you need not to worry; mobile phone data recovery software is available to help.

Mobile data recovery software like Tenorshare Data Recovery, Card Data Recovery For Mac not only recovers data from mobile but also from storage devices as from memory card. It is one of the easiest ways to recover files from mobile phone.

Some important features of phone data recovery software:
* Data change is not possible after using this software.
* Photos, videos and music files and so on can be recovered by this recovery software.
* It can support various brands of memory cards like Kingston, SanDisk, Toshiba and many more.
* Recovery process is very simple and easy and can be completed in few clicks.
* It is so simple and easy to use so that a non technical person can use it.
* Hard drive data recovery is also possible. It supports windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8.
* It can display the preview of data which can be recovered.
* Restoration of data is very fast with this software.

You can easily recover your lost files if recovery software is available. If you are in need of mobile phone data recovery, you can download it from any-data-recovery.com easily.


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easy,Fast and Safe Flash Drive Data Recovery Guide

Flash drives are utilized to store or transfer data more and more in this information era. They bring great convenience to our information, programs, and data. Flash drives might be the most convenient method to transfer data from one PC to another. Not only are they small enough to fit on a key chain, but they also have extremely large saving space and are relatively inexpensive. However, just like all other forms of memory, files can become corrupt and unable to open on a flash drive, making the file useless and giving the user a headache. Even, your USB flash drive says it needs to be formatted. There is a way, though, to get around the issue and recover lost or corrupt files that are on your flash drive.

There are some USB flash drive data recovery tool available to recover lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted files after deeply scan your flash drive to look for lost data. Here I recommend you a professional one-Tenorshare Data Recovery. It can recover lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted documents, pictures, videos and music files from USB flash drive, memory card of camera and mobile phone, computer, external hard drive with a few quick clicks.

lost data on USB flash drive

Let’s see how easy it is to recover data from flash drive:
1 Connect your flash drive to your computer.
2 Click "Start" and then click on "My Computer" to verify that your drive is recognized.
3 Open Tenorshare Data Recovery (or another USB flash drive data recovery software). Download the software.
4 Select "Flash Drive" as the source to be recovered by selecting the drive with the right letter (ex. G:).
5 Choose a recovery mode. If you want to recover deleted files from flash drive, choose “Deleted Recovery”; Or you just desire to recover data from formatted flash drive, click on “Format Recovery”. Lost files due to virus attack, power failure, system sabotage, not being safely ejected, etc. select “Raw Recovery”.
6 Click "Scan" and start USB data recovery.
7 Tick the recoverable files you want to recover, which found by this program, and click “Recover” to proceed flash drive data recovery.
8 Set a path folder to save the recovered files in the following window.
9 Click “OK” to completely file recovery.

In order to prevent from data loss on your flash drive, as with any other storage medium, keep backups of your important data. However, though, we have no worry for flash drive data recovery any more today.