Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Most Common Problems and Answers with your iPhone 4 S and iPhone 3GS

Question 1: Is it possible recover deleted pictures from iPhone 4 S? This guy deleted pictures off my iphone 4 last night. I found out after I checked my phone this morning once it had a full charge. Is it possible to recover them? Please help me if this is possible.

Question 2: Restored my iPhone but want to recover all my contacts, call history, messages? Hi, i need to restore my iphone, but as a new iphone, as I have problems going on in my iPhone. However, i dont want to lose my contacts. Do i have anyway to recover my contacts after i restore it as a new iphone??? So i've had this iPhone 3gs with me for about a year now. All of a sudden it stopped working one night and now its not turning on. I really need the contacts , call history and messages, etc. on it because they were very important. If anyone can please tell me how to recover my data i'd really appreciate it. 

Best Answer for Both:
Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery software can help iPhone, iPad users get back deleted or lost contacts, call history, messages, notes and photos once synced your device with iTunes before. You can get the first version with 50% off immediately at

In order to meet the data recovery needs of iPhone users, we launch this product. We wish this product can bring good lucks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. From now on, you have no need to worry about deleted or lost important messages, contacts, etc. Even your iPhone was unfortunately lost, and have no iPhone in your hand, once you have synced the phone to your Mac one time, you have choices to get back the data.

This iTunes data recovery software can do things as below.
1. Automatically detect all IOS devices including iPhone, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPad and iPod Touch once you run this program.
2. Only taking one minute for scanning your iOS devices, or even less time, you will be surprised to see your photos, videos and messages, etc. listed in the interface of this program.
3. Read your contacts, SMS messages, notes, call history and photos in the iTunes backup file and you will see each category separately listed in the task list.
4. All scanned result can be previewed and you can even see your photos listed as thumbnails. Other content will be displayed with detailed info including call history date, type, duration, etc.
5. With one mouse click, you can retrieve all data from idevices to yoru computer without any data loss. You can recover all data at one time or select what you need to recover.

If you happened to need iTunes data recovery, it is really a good bet. Or you can restore one for future use. This iTunes recovery software works extremely well under Mac OS X 10.3 and above including the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. No matter you are a computer novice or even you are totally a green computer user, you can use it freely.

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