Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Raw Drive Recovery Tips to Recover Raw Drive Data

"So my 500gb Western Digital hard drive's USB plug broke, and expert suggested to buy a SATA dock but after plugged it in, the drive turned to "RAW file system" (which, to my understanding, means that it has no format). Is there any software that I can use to recover data from Raw drive? I have hours of video recorded and days of documents written that I can't afford to lose.Thanks in advance guys.."
--Asked by Chris in Yahoo.Answers

Occasionally when we attempt to access data from a drive/partition or storage media, we may go to the popup dialogue box which shows a message including ' The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now ? '. In such situation, the file system is shown as 'RAW' as well as the disk space also will become 0 byte when we check the drive in "My Computer". What's more, to your desperate, our important data are gone although all of us did not delete or maybe format them. Then exactly where did our files head out? Can we do Raw drive recovery to get returning our files? In this example, Raw hdd recovery is still possible with Raw data recovery software to restore lost files.

Why hard drive turns into raw file system?
Since the files get lost caused by RAW file system, what's RAW file system? Raw file system is an excellent regular file system in a operating system. As we all know the regular file systems of Windows is FAT or NTFS. RAW file system is a system problem which presents a dilemma of our computers and also makes our files unaccessible. SD card can come to be RAW and not understandable in computer, external disc drive can become RAW in the event that we insert it to be able to PC and any various other storage media has the opportunity to fell into Natural file system problems.

Once the hard drive is revealed as RAW file system, it can have the following possible (but is not all) error symptoms:
* 'The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?'
* 'Sector not found' error message even though accessing any file.
* File system is exhibited as 'RAW'…

Solution for Raw data recovery
In the above cases, external hard drive raw recovery or partition recovery is possible. We must opt for Raw recovery software. Here, Natural recovery doesn't mean recovering partition or file process itself, but recovering files from RAW partition/hard drive. Tenorshare Data Recovery can certainly effectively and safely perform Rawrecovery to rescue lost files from hard drive. If you actually a Mac user, you can give a try for Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac, which can do the same job in Mac OS X.

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