Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Release:6 iPhone 5 Rumors You Should Know Before It Release

September. 12 – the long-awaited day iPhone followers are expecting to ultimately see the secrets of the next iPhone - iPhone 5 will be revealed in this Wednesday, just tomorrow. Rival phone makers, computer vendors, wireless carriers, and also parts suppliers all stand to be affected by the hit wave created by Apple's new iPhone. Apple is expected to challenge other mobile makers with the brand new iPhone's battery performance, display size, and form factor. Here, I tend to put more stock in iPhone 5 rumors before iPhone 5 release tomorrow.

1 A Better LTE Capability
Whereas larger rival 4G LTE phones have been called "battery hogs" and "pocket hogs," the new iPhone is expected to sidestep such labels and tear market share through other phone makers. A greater LTE-enabled iPhone may join a host of other 4G phones giving high data speeds on the go. As such, the IT industry could lose further ground to mobile vendors, hurting growth in such companies as Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

2 A Larger and Much Better Display
It may support a 4-inch screen from LG. It is also reported that LG has began mass producing a display that integrates "in-cell multitouch technology." Both LG and Samsung are known suppliers of iPhone and iPad parts, so it's easy to understand why this new touch screen may be destined for the iPhone 5. The new display would relinquish the need for sensors and glass, which will make the device even lighter.

3 In-Cell Touch Panels
There are differences in thinness between the iPhone 4S and the alleged iPhone 5 prototype. Whereas the iPhone 4S face plate measured exactly 1 mm, the iPhone 5's front plate is 0.1 mm thinner at just 0.9 mm thick. By effectively removing a layer between the multi-touch screen and the LCD display, these in-cell panels far outperform current "on-cell" touch screens.
4 A Thinner Screen
A patent awarded to Apple covers a new LCD screen technology that integrates the touch sensors with the actual display circuits, reducing the space taken up by the screen. The new technology is an improvement over the current technique, which places the touch sensors on top of the screen and naturally leads to a thicker display. This "Touch screen liquid crystal display" could eventually lead to thinner and lighter displays.

5 A Smaller SIM Card
Leaked photos posted on the user forum WeiPhone purportedly show the new iPhone's motherboard/logicboard with a smaller SIM card slot. According to 9to5Mac, these photos would be the first "real-world appearance" of the nano-SIM that Apple has already been pushing for as the standard.

6 A New Dock Connector
All new devices in the iOS family will be getting an updated, smaller dock connector. These products include the iPhone 5, the new iPod nanos and touches, the ever-so-mysterious iPad mini, and the latest generation of the iPad. Though rumors of a smaller dock connector have been circulating around the new iPhone for some time, it makes sense that other Apple handsets would follow suit.

Eyeing the features that could pop up in the new phone, 4G LTE support, a larger display, more memory, 3D maps and navigation, a new dock connector and new SIM card technology. The iPhone 5 will sell well, no doubt. What will really surprise us? Let's see tomorrow!


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