Monday, January 21, 2013

Several Possibilities for iPhone 6

Do you expect to gen an iPhone 6? What do you expect iPhone 6 to be? How much budget have you been planning to get an iPhone 6? More and more people pay attentions for the iPhone 6 along with more and more rumors came out.

About the Outside Look: Will iPhone 6 Have a Bigger Display lIke 4.8-inch?
Yesterday, it was told that Apple planed to release a 4.8-inch new iPhone - "iPhone Math", which also called iPhone 6, but might this be considered a hint? Based on some rumors, it is also said that Apple is going to launch iPhone 5S within June or July along with a cheaper new version iPhone-iPhone 6 in September, 2013.

Commercial Times claims that Apple intends to make iPhone 6 equipped with a 4.8-inch display and name it "iPhone Math". It also mentioned that Apple is already booking components from suppliers for the iPhone 6.

What do you consider about this rumor? iPhone Math is iPhone 6? How does it make sense? iPhone mini or nano makes sense as a name for the new iPhone; as does iPhone Pro, however why named it iPhone Math? It makes no sense at all. Anyway, I cannot believe that Apple will release iPhone 6 with a unattractive name as iPhone Math.

As for the 4.8-inch display rumor, a few argues which Apple does not usually adhere to what additional firms perform: even although larger display smartphones are becoming more and more popular, it doesn't mean Apple follows the pattern.

If iPhone 6 upgrades to a 4.8-inch display, it requires developers to tweak their apps for the new screen size.
Low Price for iPhone 6: Should Apple launch a cheap iPhone?
What would a low cost iPhone look like? Who would buy it? How low is a low price for an iPhone? Is it time for a cheaper addition to the iPhone family?

For years, Apple has been told iPhone was too expensive and many people wanted to get a low-cost iPhone. Will history repeat itself? Or will Apple hit the smartphone wars by altering its strategy?

A low-cost iPhone is hardly impossible. Let's take a look at Apple product's selling situation. Til September 2012, MacBook became the No 1 selling notebook in the US. Couple that with the success of iPad, to say nothing of iPhone 5's selling. Therefore, by analogy, there will be no low-cost iPhone 6. You'd better learn that Apple doesn't do cheap. It will focus on a premium customer experience and enjoy a high-profit margin. A low-cost iPhone is not coming out so fast.

iPhone 6's Release Date: When is it?
As we all know that, Apple company only launchs an iPhone per year, so does iPad. It is worth pointing out that the launch of the new iPad afer the release of the iPad mini last year. iPad mini launched just 6 months after the release of "the new iPad" earlier in 2012.

This implies that Apple company has no problem speeding up the release agenda for its item no matter iPad or even iPhone. Therefore, it is sensible that the rumor stated Apple would lauch a good iPhone 5S within June or July and an apple iphone 6 in September within 2013.

In the world of rumors, there is no truth. While it currently appears possible Apple company might uncover an apple iphone 5S this season, that possibility isn't true until it really reveals something.

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