Sunday, October 14, 2012

Data Recovery for Seagate External Hard Drive

I bought a Seagate external hard drive 4 months ago. I don't even use it that much. I was going to move data from my pc to the drive and it suddenly stopped working. I have been trying to contact seagate and they'll make you wait for hours and the websites warranty section is always down. Seagate offered me $2,000 & $1,500 for them to recover my files. I am looking for a solution for seagate file recovery.

Oh, yep, lesson learned. Data I care about should *never* be stored in only one place. And external hard drives how about the lowest reliability of any digital storage medium.

You have four choices:

1. If your data is worth the $1,500 to $2000 or so a professional seagate data recovery service will charge, don't do anything. Everything you do risks damaging your data. Contact the service and follow their instructions.

2. Relying on professional data recovery software that may cost you a bit money. I had succeed to retrieve files from a corrupted hard drive with Tenorshare Data Recovery. You may give it a shot! Download it from . What's more, you can use it before try it on another drive first this is one you learn first then use take a long time to run check every sector for data.

3. If your data is not worth the $1,600 or so, then you have nothing to lose. It sounds from your description like your drive is not spinning. Try removing and applying power a few times to see if you can get it to spin. Try smacking the flat top portion of the drive right as it tries to spin up to try to unjam it. If you do get it going, copy the most critical data off immediately. You may never get it spinning again.

4. Freezing trick. I had luck with the drive still being good if this doesn't help two more things to try put drive in zip lock bag and put in freezer over night don't get it wet place in Nexstar unit next day and and turn it on also have your computer on first and ready to move files I got back files with a few minutes. Then the hard drive can be used any more.

You see, whatever is your situation, it is highly possible to do seagate files recovery on your portable hard drive.

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