Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Recover Lost Excel Files from Microsoft Office?-Excel Recovery

Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet-application written software which distributed by Microsoft for Windows operating system. Some of its features are designed for financially literate, so it is widely used throughout the financial industry, many people will be upset if an Excel document is deleted or formatted. Excel recovery is always an emergency. The following information will help you  recover Excel files rapidly.

If a file is inadvertently lost because of a power failure, error saving, none responding, or other technical problems, you can fix it by using Microsoft Excel itself. You may click a yellow icon named "Open" which will partially open folder on the far tight f the toolbar. Then you can save the file by clicking "Save" on the standard toolbar. Answering "YES" will let your Excel documents be saved. And the Excel recovery pane will list all the files that were recovered when the program stopped responding. Microsoft office application recovery dialog box and recovered files will be listed in the Excel Recovery task pane which reflects the last time Auto Recover saved the files.

You can further help protect your work by using Auto Recover feature, but you have turn on the Auto Recover feature before the problem happened. This function also can be modified, for example, you can set this feature save interval to occur more frequently then every ten minutes.

Due to Excel is an invaluable tool for portfolio managers, traders and accountants, billion dollar portfolios and positions can be managed and traded using Excel spreadsheets. However, Excel documents also can be lost in unconsciously situations such as unintentionally deleting, operating system corruption, hard drive formatting; virus infection, partition loss, etc.

The first step to recover Excel document is looking for the Recycle Bin. It is quite easy to restore the documents to its original location within one or two simple clicks. If the document is not there, the Excel File Recovery software is the best savior to help you retrieve these significant Excel files rather than the long-waiting and complicated manual data recovery.

Tenorshare Data Recovery software  is powerful Excel file recovery software to restore excel files you want safely and easily. With its abundant functions, it can also recover deleted, lost, damaged and formatted data from hard drive or partition. Even if you have written new data into that hard drive or partition, Tenorshare Data Recovery still find its directory tree from hard drive. Why not have a try?

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